Wollheim, Donald A[llen]

Wollheim, Donald A[llen]
   Science fiction fan and editor, and correspondent of HPL (1935–37). In 1935 Wollheim took over a magazine previously edited by Wilson Shepherd and renamed it The Phantagraph;he asked HPL to contribute, and HPL sent several poems as well as the essays “Robert Ervin Howard: 1906–1936” (August 1936) and “The Weird Work of William Hope Hodgson” (February 1937). A letter to Duane W.Rimel (September 28, 1935) appeared anonymously as “What’s the Trouble with Weird Fiction?” (February 1937). Wollheim also coedited, with Shepherd, one issue of Fanciful Tales(Fall 1936), containing HPL’s “The Nameless City,” which was marred by numerous typographical errors. Wollheim continued to publish HPL’s work in The Phantagraphafter his death. Wollheim later became a distinguished science fiction and fantasy editor (The Portable Novels of Science [1945]; Avon Fantasy Reader [1947–52; 18 volumes]; Terror in the Modern Vein [1955]) and author of numerous science fiction tales for young adults.

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