Tremaine, F[rederick] Orlin

   American author and editor. Tremaine was editor of Astounding Stories(1933–37); he accepted HPL’s At the Mountains of Madness (sold by Julius Schwartz) and “The Shadow out of Time” (sold by Donald Wandrei), apparently without reading them; but he permitted both tales to be severely abridged and edited by copyeditors, although HPL complained vociferously only about the former (it was on this occasion that HPL referred to Tremaine as “that god-damn’d dung of a hyaena”: HPL to R.H.Barlow, June 4, 1936; ms., JHL). Tremaine later edited Comet Stories (1940) and became editor at Bartholomew House, which published the first paperback editions of HPL, The Weird Shadow over Innsmouth (1944) and The Dunwich Horror (1945).
   See Will Murray, “The Man Who Edited Lovecraft,” CryptNo. 48 (St. John’s Eve 1987): 3–5.

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