Swanson, Carl

Swanson, Carl
   would-be magazine publisher and brief correspondent of HPL. In early 1932 Swanson, residing in Washburn, N.D., conceived the idea of a semi-professional magazine, the Galaxy,that would use both original stories and reprints from WT. Swanson wrote to HPL, asking for contributions; HPL sent him “The Nameless City” and “Beyond the Wall of Sleep,” both rejected by WT and still professionally unpublished. Swanson accepted them. HPL also wished to send Swanson some WTstories for which he owned second serial rights and asked Farnsworth Wright about the matter; but Wright, believing Swanson’s magazine a potentially serious rival, informed HPL that he would not allow Swanson to reprint those stories (published in WTdown to April 1926) for which WTowned second serial rights and would not look with favor upon the resale of other stories for which HPL owned second serial rights. HPL responded heatedly to this attempt to limit the sale of his work (see SL4.27), although other writers (like Frank Belknap Long) who contributed more regularly to WTwere sufficiently cowed by Wright’s threats not to send anything to Swanson. Swanson, however, never managed to secure sufficient capital to begin his magazine; later in 1932 he considered publishing the magazine in mimeograph, but even this never occurred. He disappeared from the pulp fiction field shortly thereafter.

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