Moore, C[atherine] L[ucile]

Moore, C[atherine] L[ucile]
   Author of weird and science fiction tales, living in Indianapolis, Indiana, and late correspondent of HPL (1934–37). HPL enjoyed her early tales, especially “Shambleau” ( WT,November 1933) and “Black Thirst” ( WT,April 1934); he came in touch with her in 1934 when R.H. Barlow wished to publish some of her tales and asked HPL to write to her about it. HPL introduced her to Henry Kuttner in 1936; they married in 1940 and collaborated on most of their works thereafter. HPL’s letters to her survive only in fragments, but he kept hers. In his letters HPL keenly discusses the current political and economic situation and the interplay of economics and artistic creation; he repeatedly advised Moore not to buckle down to hackwork for the pulps. She collaborated with HPL (along with A.Merritt, Robert E.Howard, and Frank Belknap Long) on “The Challenge from Beyond” ( Fantasy Magazine,September 1935). Moore went on to write many important works of fantasy and science fiction, including “Judgment Night” (1943) and “Vintage Season” (1946).
   See Susan Gubar, “C.L.Moore and the Conventions of Women’s Science Fiction,” Science-Fiction Studies 7 (March 1980): 16–27; Gordon R.Benson, Jr., and Virgil S.Utter, C.L.Moore and Henry Kuttner: A Marriage of Souls and Talent: A Working Bibliography (Albuquerque, N.M.: Galactic Central, 1989).

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