Mazurewicz, Joe

   In “The Dreams in the Witch House,” a loomfixer who resides in the Witch House in Arkham and attempts to help Walter Gilman cope with his bizarre dreams and sleepwalking. At one point he gives Gilman a crucifix, which assists in temporarily warding off the witch Keziah Mason during one of Gilman’s dreams.

An H.P.Lovecraft encyclopedia. .

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  • Iwanicki, Father —    In “The Dreams in the Witch House,” a Catholic priest at St. Stanislaus’ Church in Arkham who gives a crucifix to one of Walter Gilman’s friends, Joe Mazurewicz, who then gives it to Gilman to protect him from Keziah Mason. Iwanicki had first… …   An H.P.Lovecraft encyclopedia

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