“Lucubrations Lovecraftian“

   Essay (4,570 words); probably written in early 1921. First published in the United Co-operative(April 1921); rpt. MW
   The essay is divided into four parts. “The Loyal Coalition” concerns an organization in Boston designed to counteract anti-English propaganda sponsored by Irish-Americans; “Criticism Again!” deals with criticisms directed toward him by John Clinton Pryor and W.Paul Cook about HPL’s opinionated reviews of amateur journals in the Department of Public Criticism; “Lest We Forget” is a brief diatribe on the need for military preparedness against foreign aggression; and “A Conjecture” is a very short but pungent attack on Elsa Gidlow, who had written derisively of HPL in an unspecified amateur journal. The essay as a whole contains some of HPL’s most forceful—and, on occasion, unrestrained—polemical writing.

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