Lowndes, Robert A[ugustine] W[ard]

Lowndes, Robert A[ugustine] W[ard]
   Author, editor, and late correspondent of HPL. HPL wrote Lowndes two letters, dated January 20 and February 20, 1937 (published in Crypt No. 62 [Candlemas 1989]: 39–47), encouraging Lowndes in his early literary ventures. Lowndes became very active in science fiction fandom in the 1940s, writing numerous science fiction tales as well as stories of many other types. He edited Future Fiction (1941–60), Science Fiction(1943, 1953–60), and other magazines but became best known as the editor of the magazines of the Health Knowledge chain: Magazine of Horror (1963–71), Startling Mystery Stories (1966–71), Weird Terror Tales (1969–70), Bizarre Fantasy Tales (1970–71), and others; they contained numerous reprints of HPL’s work.

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