Little, Myrta Alice

   friend and correspondent of HPL (1921) residing in Hampstead, N.H.Little joined the UAPA in the spring of 1921, and HPL planned to visit her in late May, but the death of HPL’s mother postponed the plans, and he visited her only on June 8–9; the two of them also went to see “Tryout” Smith in Haverhill. HPL returned to New Hampshire in August 25–26, exploring the Haverhill Historical Society with Little. HPL describes her as a former college professor who was attempting to become a professional writer, but her only known published work is a Christmas pageant for children, Sweet Christmas Time (1929), published under her married name, Myrta Little Davies. HPL’s one surviving letter to her was published in LSNo. 26 (Spring 1992): 26–30.

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