In “Celephais,” the dream identity of an unidentified but once-wealthy person in the waking world. His “real” self, through dreams and drugs, escapes his mundane existence as a writer in London to find the city of Celephais, of which he had dreamt as a child. When he awakens, he cannot return to Celephais, although he dreams of other wondrous realms; but finally he is able to return forever as its king, although his body is later found washed up on the shore. In The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath,Kuranes greets Randolph Carter, who has voyaged in dream to Celephais. It now appears that Kuranes, although a king in dreamland, longs to return to his real life in Cornwall. He warns Carter that his “sunset city” may not be as wondrous as he imagines it to be.

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