“Isaacsonio-Mortoniad, The“

   Poem (136 lines); written no later than September 14, 1915. First published in Saturnalia and Other Poems(1984).
   Part of HPL’s feud with Charles D.Isaacson and James F.Morton, who had responded to HPL’s attacks on Isaacson’s amateur paper, In a Minor Key(see HPL’s “In a Major Key,” Conservative,July 1915) with attacks of their own in the second issue of In a Minor Key(undated, but probably dating to September 1915). The pungent satire claims to reveal the absurdities and inconsistencies in Isaacson’s defense of Walt Whitman and his appeals for racial tolerance, and Morton’s evangelical atheism. HPL apparently decided against publishing the poem in the amateur press.

An H.P.Lovecraft encyclopedia. .

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