“Idealism and Materialism — A Reflection“

   Essay (4,310 words); written in 1919/20/21. First published in the National Amateur(“July 1919”); rpt. MW
   Forceful essay presenting an anthropology of religion (derived largely from Nietzsche and from John Fiske’s Myths and Myth-Makers [1872]), asserting that religious belief is a holdover from primitive times in which human beings invented gods as a means of explaining natural phenomena, the causes of which they did not understand. HPL mentions his “seeing” a dryad in the woods near his home at the age of seven or eight, an anecdote repeated in “A Confession of Unfaith” (1922). Its date of composition is unknown: the July 1919 National Amateurwas long delayed and did not appear until the summer of 1921; as the issue also contained HPL’s “The Picture in the House” (December 1920), the essay could have been written in 1920 or early 1921.

An H.P.Lovecraft encyclopedia. .

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