Astronomy/The Monthly Almanack.

   Two juvenile scientific journals (eventually combined) written by HPL, 1903–4. The first five issues bear the title Astronomyas follows: 1, No. 1 (August 1903); 1, No. 2 (September 1903); 1, No. 3 (October 1903); 1, No. 4 (November 1903) (combined with The Monthly Almanack;includes An Annual of Astronomy for the Year 1903: First Edition: Novr. 25, 1903);1, No. 5 (December 1905). The next issue is titled The New Monthly Almanack for December, 1903. The next appears as Astronomy: January 1904: Combined with the Monthly Almanack. The final issue bears the title The Monthly Almanack: Combined with “Astronomy”: Feb’y, 1904.
   The publications consist largely of technical charts of the solar system and constellations, data on the moon’s phases, planetary aspects, and the like.

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