Hartmann, J[oachim] F[riedrich]

   Astrologer who incurred HPL’s ire when he wrote the article “Astrology and the European War” in the Providence Evening Newsfor September 4, 1914. HPL and Hartmann exchanged several polemics in the Evening News—the former with “Science versus Charlatanry” (September 9) and “The Falsity of Astrology” (October 10); the latter with a letter to the editor (October 7) and “The Science of Astrology” (October 22)—until HPL finally silenced him with satires written under pseudonym Isaac Bickerstaffe, Jr. (derived from Jonathan Swift’s Isaac Bickerstaffe pieces satirizing the astrologer Partridge): “Astrology and the Future” (October 13) and “Delavan’s Comet and Astrology” (October 26). After Hartmann’s last article (“A Defense of Astrology,” December 14), HPL concluded with an article under his own name (“The Fall of Astrology,” December 17) and one final Bickerstaffe article (letter to the editor, December 21). Articles on both sides are collected in Science vs. Charlatanry (1979).

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