Dwyer, Bernard Austin

Dwyer, Bernard Austin
   Correspondent of HPL, residing in West Shokan and Kingston, N.Y.Dwyer reached HPL through WTin early 1927 and continued to correspond with him to the end of HPL’s life. He published one poem in WT(“Ol’ Black Sarah,” October 1928), but otherwise wrote little; he also devoted himself to pictorial art. HPL visited him in Kingston in May 1929 in the course of examining the colonial antiquities in nearby Hurley and New Paltz; again for a few days in June 1930, at which time Dwyer evidently made several substantial suggestions for the revision of HPL’s work in progress, “The Whisperer in Darkness.” Dwyer was one of the leading protagonists (“Knockout Bernie, the Wild Wolf of West Shokan”) of the spoof, “The Battle That Ended the Century” (1934). After HPL’s death, Dwyer excerpted a letter to him from HPL, written probably in the fall of 1933, and sent it to WT,where it was published as “The Wicked Clergyman” (later “The Evil Clergyman”).

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