Drogman, Abdul Reis el.

   In “Under the Pyramids,” a guide who leads Harry Houdini to the top of the Great Pyramid to witness a boxing match between two other Arabs—an incident that proves to be a trap whereby el Drogman binds Houdini and thrusts him down an immense hole in the Great Pyramid. Later, Houdini wonders at the anomalous resemblance of el Drogman to the ancient pharaoh, King Khephren.

An H.P.Lovecraft encyclopedia. .

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  • “Under the Pyramids“ —    Novelette (10,950 words); ghostwritten for Harry Houdini in February 1924. First published (as “Imprisoned with the Pharaohs”) in WT (May–June–July 1924); rpt. WT(June–July 1939); first collected in Marginalia;corrected text in D;annotated… …   An H.P.Lovecraft encyclopedia

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