de Russy, Marceline (Bedard)

   In “Medusa’s Coil,” an alluring young woman in Paris who claims to be the illegitimate daughter of the Marquis de Chameaux, but who, after she marries Denis de Russy and returns with him to his estate in Missouri, is revealed to be not only an ancient entity endowed with animate hair, but also “a negress.”

An H.P.Lovecraft encyclopedia. .

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  • de Russy, Denis —    In “Medusa’s Coil,” a young man who visits Paris and there falls in love with and marries the mysterious Marceline Bedard, whom he brings to Missouri to live with him. His friend Frank Marsh is captivated by Marceline, and he desires to paint… …   An H.P.Lovecraft encyclopedia

  • “Medusa’s Coil“ —    Novelette (16,950 words); ghostwritten for Zealia Brown Reed Bishop, May–August 1930. First published in WT(January 1939); first collected in Marginalia;corrected text in HM A traveler in Missouri finds himself in a deserted region with night… …   An H.P.Lovecraft encyclopedia

  • Sophonisba —    In “Medusa’s Coil,” a servant a “very old Zulu woman”; a “witch woman” in the household of Denis de Russy and Marceline Bedard. She recognizes the strange heritage of Marceline and worships her as a goddess …   An H.P.Lovecraft encyclopedia

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