de la Mare, Walter [John]

   British author whose weird work (a small segment of his oeuvre) HPL admired. HPL first read de la Mare in the summer of 1926 (see SL2.57) and accordingly added a substantial paragraph about him to “Supernatural Horror in Literature,” singling out stories in The Riddle and Other Stories (1923) and The Connoisseur and Other Stories (1926), notably “Seaton’s Aunt” (in the former volume), de la Mare’s best-known weird tale. HPL also spoke highly of the novel The Return (1910; rev. 1922), which, in its depiction of a man possessed by the spirit of an eighteenth-century criminal, was surely an influence on HPL’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (1927). HPL also had praise for de la Mare’s weird poem “The Listeners” (in The Listeners and Other Poems, 1912). De la Mare is today probably better known for his writings for children, but his weird tales still attract a devoted following.
   See Diana Ross McCrosson, Walter de la Mare (1966); Theresa Whistler, Imagination of the Heart: The Life of Walter de la Mare (1993).

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