Clark, Lillian D[elora Phillips]

   First child of Whipple V.Phillips and Robie Alzada Place Phillips; elder sister of Sarah Susan Phillips Lovecraft, HPL’s mother. She spent two academic years at the Wheaton Seminary in Norton, Mass. (1871–73), and completed her education at the Rhode Island Normal School. She was a schoolteacher prior to her marriage to Dr. Franklin Chase Clark, M.D., on April 10, 1902; they had no children. After Dr. Clark’s death, she lived in various rented rooms in Providence, including 135 Benefit Street (the locale for “The Shunned House” [1924]) in 1919–20. She was the principal housekeeper for HPL at 598 Angell Street during 1919–24, after the hospitalization and death of HPL’s mother. HPL wrote an enormous number of letters (now at JHL) to her during his New York period (1924–26); in spite of her chronic poor health, she came to Brooklyn in December 1924 to assist HPL in moving to 169 Clinton Street. Upon HPL’s return to Providence in April 1926, Lillian took rooms immediately above his at 10 Barnes Street. She was a gifted painter in oils who exhibited at the Providence Art Club. She died on July 3, 1932.

An H.P.Lovecraft encyclopedia. .

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